Published on 07/25/2016 10:28 am
Tips to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site specially designed for business community. A Profile page of LinkedIn contains employment history and education details. LinkedIn allows you to view another member’s post without having a connection with them. Connecting on LinkedIn, both the person can share their profile, photos, post and so on. The use of LinkedIn is finding a job, recruiting new employees, networking etc.

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If you are creating a profile for your organization add your website to make your profile valuable. For corporate and business connection, LinkedIn is a great tool which helps you to raise your business popularity. Nowadays More than 400 million people are using LinkedIn because it is growing every second. So entities are buying LinkedIn followers to promote their business.

7 important tips to grow your business using Linkedin:

1. Make use of LinkedIn Alumni group: Joining an Alumni group is the another way to reconnect with people who know you and willing to help your business to grow. This is also  a way to make new connections.

2. Join in Maximum of LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn allow members to join up to 50 groups. Starters up to 10 groups. To stay active in this group regularly visit and share valuable info.

3. Upload files related to your work: Not only update your profile in LinkedIn. Also upload Slideshare, videos and audio files to market your skills.

4. Use LinkedIn Homepage regularly: Share valuable information with connections in LinkedIn Homepage to marketing yourself.

5. LinkedIn Endorsements: Skills listed in LinkedIn profile is a LinkedIn endorsement. Buying LinkedIn Endorsements will high rank your profile in search results.

6. Have a complete LinkedIn Profile Page: LinkedIn members should have 100% full profiles to receive 46% of profile page view. So make an effort to have the complete profile and add a professional photo.

7. Build LinkedIn connections: Build 500 or more connections in LinkedIn. Connecting with more people will help to market your business.

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